Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm wavering

There is now a slight chance that I would be ok with having a girl next:

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I love...

  • Your very blue eyes
  • The way you look at me whenever you see me
  • How you let me get some extra sleep on the weekends, even when you deserve it more than I do
  • How you listen when I complain
  • The scenarios that run through your head
  • The nicknames you give me
  • The fact that you're just as stubborn as me
  • That you never just "let me win"
  • How you make fun of me
  • The way you play with our son, even if you're running late for work
  • That I still get nervous around you sometimes
  • That you cry at sad movies
  • That the perfect date night is sitting at home with our son, cuddling, and watching a movie together
  • That 3 years ago today you agreed to be my husband and make me the luckiest woman alive.
Happy Anniversary Babe!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

New weight, new clothes

The past few weeks I've been fluctuating up and down with the weight. I will admit, I may have cheated a bit on some days. For me, repetition can become boring and I was getting bored with my Jenny Craig food. Even so, this week I buckled down and didn't cheat, resulting in another pound lost! I've lost 16 pounds and am only 10 pounds away from my original goal weight. Almost there! With the new weight comes a few problems. Namely, some of my old clothes are becoming very baggy. With school starting up, I decided to treat myself with some new clothes. I've been afraid to buy anything new because I know that I want to keep losing, and let's face it, I'm cheap. Even so, I headed to Ross with two things on my mind: khaki capris and black capris. I found the khaki ones, along with a new top and a very cute yellow dress. My shopping desire was fulfilled. I even found an old pair of black capris in a dresser that had a hole in the leg, which I think I'm going to patch up. I feel like a little kid buying new school clothes. Instead, I'm the adult teacher buying the clothes for school. At least I'll be cute!

I now weigh the same amount as I did when I moved to AZ!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I decided that this week was the one week out of the summer in which I was going to be productive. With work starting next week and the kiddos coming back to school the week after, I got my behind in gear and began setting up my classroom...with Logan in tow. I figured that I'd try to take him in with me on Monday and see if I could actually get anything done. To make sure he wasn't bored I packed up the play gym, his bumbo, Ellie the Elephant, a washcloth, and his teddy bear. Of course, the usual diapers and bottles came too. We must have been a sight walking into school with craziness sticking out from every inch of his stroller. Even so, I'm happy to report: SUCCESS! Not only did Logan come to work with me on Monday, he also came back on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I don't think I broke any child labor laws. I mean, he just played and showed his cute face to all of my teacher friends. We successfully hung bulletin boards up, hot glued massive amounts of posters (while also giving myself a 2nd degree burn, not fun), placed desks into rows, and even took a laminating trip to the teaching store just for fun. My classroom is almost finished and I owe it all to the wonderful behavior of my son.

Logan decided to take in the classroom view from the floor level
Logan explained to me that his favorite time of the day would be calendar. He's currently working on knowing what a number even is
As we put up the word wall we sang our ABC's!
Setting up a classroom is hard work :)

My theory is that by bringing him into the classroom when he's 5 months, Logan will undoubtedly become a genius. Or at least become a successful organizer and decorator. I'd like to lean toward the genius hypothesis.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

New addition...

No, we're not preggo again. I don't think I could handle that at this moment. However, we did just welcome a new addition to the family. Please meet our new elliptical!
Andy and I pondered over whether or not we should buy a home elliptical. First of all, our house is not the largest in the world. We also both have memberships to a gym. My gym is right around the corner and Andy goes to the one by his job. The gym has been perfect for the summer. I've waited until Andy gets home from work and then went to work out at around 8:00 or so. However, with school looming around the corner, I knew this routine wouldn't last long. You may not know this, but as a teacher I bring my work home on most nights. Yes, I know. For the measly amount that they pay me this should not be the case. So...I was crunching the numbers. I could wake up at 5 am, get to the gym by 5:30, work out for an hour, get home by 6:45, shower, but by then it would be 7:45, which is the time I'm supposed to be at work. And there is no way in hell that I am waking up earlier than 5 am. I have a 5 month old, I don't get enough sleep as it is. The other option would be to work out after school, which would be feasible, until I factor in how much work I normally bring home, plus having to take care of the babe and spend time with Andy... there just aren't enough hours in the day to have either of these options happen. Which is how we came to the solution of purchasing the elliptical.

Andy used his strong muscles to put it together yesterday and today I mulled up the courage to be the first one to actually work out on it. Usually at the gym I will do an interval workout where it's easy for 2 minutes, then hard for 2 minutes, 30 minutes total. This machine kicked my butt so hard I couldn't even do that! My knees were giving out and I was COMPLETELY out of breath within 4 minutes of running. So I just gave in and did a manual workout, which still kicked my arse. This can be proven with the following pictures:

Please notice the gross sweat that has gathered at my collar, as well as the pajama pants I wore to work out in rather than workout pants. Another benefit of working out at home. I know I said I would post pics of what I look like since starting to lose weight. These are the newest, and I would like to point out that the shirt I'm wearing used to be tight on me.

So, happy early anniversary to my husband and I, and welcome to the family new elliptical. I hope we have a bright future together.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The end already?

Yes, it's true. Summer is coming to a close. I'm not happy about this at all. I think I'm even more upset about sending Logan to daycare this time around than when I had to send him after my maternity leave. There may be tears. This week I have to go to a reading training for school, so Logan's Aunt Manda (adopted) is babysitting him while I'm gone. I'm thankful that I have close friends that will travel to us and watch Logan in his own environment he's in everyday. It's so much easier than having to pack up the diaper bag, toys, play gym, and so on. Next week I'm going to start working on setting up my classroom with Logan in tow. We're going to see how that works out. If it's a fail, I'm going to try and see if his babysitter will take him for a few hours a couple of days a week. And's back to school. One week of welcome back stuff, and then new kiddos. I'm always excited to get a new batch of kids, but I'm not looking forward to the stress of bringing home work each night. I wish that we could be insanely rich and I could stay home with the little guy forever. It would pretty much make my life. Since I know this will never happen, I'll cherish the last two weeks I have with my insanely adorable son and go onward to the new year. And just to prove he's insanely adorable, I leave you with this:

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fireworks and Milestones

Yes, I know the 4th of July has come and gone, but my lazy butt is just now updating the blog to share how we spent our glorious 3 day weekend together. I'm not usually a big 4th of July person, seeing as how it's flippin 100+ degrees outside in July. However, this 4th of July was Logan's first and gosh darn it, we were going to celebrate! I had the perfect outfit picked out:
and we spent the morning having a neighborhood potluck. Of course everyone thought Logan was just adorable, because he is. I even made sure to bring a health conscious veggie pizza, with all fat free ingredients. I will admit that I had a piece of fried chicken though, and perhaps some potato salad. After taking a long nap, we headed to downtown Phoenix so that Logan could partake in his first fireworks experience. Andy and I expected him to scream when the first boom came, but he was the happiest little man and was just staring in awe at the fireworks the entire time.
He also nommed on Ellie for a good amount of the time.

My memories of the 4th of July include spending the evening at the Ingham County Fairgrounds to watch the fireworks show, driving back to my grandparent's house and lighting sparklers, and of course throwing the white snappers on the front porch. I hope that Logan is lucky enough to have just as many wonderful memories of his 4th of July's to share as he gets older.

Moving on to milestones, I can't believe I'm saying this, but the L man is 5 months old today!
He's such an amazing kid. Andy and I could just sit and watch him for hours on end, laughing at his crazy smiles and gibberish talk. In fact, sometimes we do. The little chunker has grown out of his 3 month sleepers and is now wearing 6 month clothing. Thank goodness I stocked up at the half off goodwill sales. He bounces in his jumper without a blanket underneath his feet. Furthermore, he's trying really hard to sit up on his own. The rolling on the ground continues, only to the left, perhaps he'll figure out how to roll back over soon. He LOVES Lucy and Spencer and lights up with a smile when either of them come close enough for a petting, or rather a grabbing of fur. Favorite game: peek-a-boo or "I hide", the game in which he hides his face from whoever is talking to him. Best game ever invented if you ask him . Basically, I'd just like to repeat what many have already told us, that we have the most adorable little man who amazes us everyday.