Sunday, October 16, 2011

Andy and I have officially decided that we LOVE this phase of Logan's life. It's perfect. No longer does he scream for things that he wants, he actually has mini conversations with us. Love it! Everyday, I pick him up, he screams "Mommy!", and then immediately says, "Daddy, now". Adorable. He tells us when he wants to go outside, when he wants a snack, when he wants more of something and what it might be (also I might add, he signs "more" and "please". Genius). He actually helps pick his toys up, and he loves learning new things. I caught him walking backwards today because he saw me doing it. Best of all, he enjoys going to bed at night. He tells us "lu loo, ni ni Mama" and lays sweetly in bed. Ahh, I want him to be this age forever. Can we just push the pause button?