Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I thought I could make it!

But alas, I am sick again. There are t minus 21 days until the end of the school year and here I am with a stupid cold. My head weighs at least 20 lbs., I can't smell a bit of Logan's stinky diaper, and my voice sounds as if there is cotton stuffed in my throat. I think that I should make a bet with someone to see if we can guess how many times I'll be sick during the school year. This has to be the 120th time so far. I just want to sleep....

Even though I feel utterly miserable at the moment, there are many highlights to this week.
#1: My last paper for my master's class was due on Sunday. I have turned it in and I am supposed to be, at this very moment, working on my final essay for my portfolio. As you can see I'm once again procrastinating and blogging instead.

#2: I get many many many breaks during school this week. Not only do I get a half an hour off from the book fair, I also get a whole morning of field day, along with an hour and a half of a Cinderella movie. That's tons of time in which I don't have to teach. Not that I don't like teaching, just note the complaining above about being sick.

#3: We're making ice cream tomorrow in class. I love ice cream.

#4: I don't have a paper due this weekend. I can RELAX!

See, there is a bright side to everything.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

weighed in...

Lost 3 pounds! Even more than I thought. Yay me!

It's time for a change

Change is good, it's wonderful! And I am jumping on the bandwagon. Before having Logan I was not too happy with my body. You see, Andy really likes to eat out and when he and I started dated, we both started eating out A LOT. I was always proud of myself for not gaining the freshman 15. Instead, I gained it during my senior year of college. While back in Michigan we started counting calories and eating tons and tons of pickles (0 calories=free food). The result was a whopping 30 pounds lost. Yay me! Then we moved to Arizona and were introduced to wonderful Mexican food on every corner...and then came Logan. I was left 15 pounds heavier than I had been back in Michigan and absolutely hating getting dressed in the morning. I know that during the majority of the day I have little kids looking at my clothes and I really should not be self-conscious about how I look, but there are times when I venture out of the classroom and speak with other adults, ones that are much smaller than me. Hence the self-conscious vibe. So, I decided that I was tired of being over weight and blaming it on something to make me feel better, and I joined Jenny Craig. I'm a little over a week into the program and so far so good. The food is actually tasty and I like having to go in and talk with someone every week. I think this helps me to not cheat because I'm not good at lying and would most likely feel guilty. I do miss burger king, and especially chipotle, but there are ways I can go there and still stick to the plan. So far I'm down about 2 pounds. Only 28 more to go!

In other news, my last paper for my Master's class is due tomorrow. I then have 5 days to finish my portfolio and I am officially a graduate of Walden University with a master's degree! If only I could celebrate with food :(

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Currently I am supposed to be writing a paper for my algebra class. The thing is, I hate algebra and I love procrastination. Hence, the reason I am now updating the blog. And the reason Andy is giving me the stink eye as he holds a screaming Logan. Eh, he'll survive.

This week has been a whirlwind. The last of our visitors (Lauren) came to visit. Although I was so excited to have her here, I knew it meant that I only had a week left of being stay at home mom Rachel. Lauren had never been to Arizona, so we gave her the usual tour of the state, meaning South Mountain (FREE) and the Grand Canyon (Logan's first real car trip!). While at the Grand Canyon I all of a sudden had horrible visions of something happening to Logan. I mean, there are places where there is no fence, it was windy, oh my gosh he could fall. Therefore I kept a tight hand on the stroller at all times and refused to go anywhere near the edge to get a good view. I was made fun of, but I love my son, therefore I don't care if people think I'm ridiculous. Logan also had a stranger kiss his head ::strange:: and had rude strangers not move on the bus for us to sit down. Really, he was sleeping the whole time and will never remember any of it, but we had fun anyways.
Lauren left on Thursday and on Friday...the L man turned 2 months! Two month milestones are that he is finally smiling while being awake and it's the most adorable thing ever. He's "talking" to us and focusing completely on the person he's talking to. He has also slept through the night a total of one time. Let's hope this number gets larger soon.
Although all of these wonderful things are happening, there was a turn of events in another area. I am getting ready to go back to work on Monday, which is not a happy subject for me at all. I really love staying home with Logan and wish I could do it full time, but I know that there are only six more weeks before summer vacation. So, with the dreadful back to work subject on my mind, I got a phone call from my administrators on Thursday. I was told that because of budget cuts, several teachers were going to have to have an involuntary transfer to another school since classes will now be larger and we will not have a need for as many teachers at our school. I am one of the chosen ones. Completely shocking to me. You see, I have four years in my school district and have already been moved around quite a bit because of this same reason, which I have always understood. However, the reason for me moving before was because of low seniority, which I no longer have. I then find out that all of the teachers chosen do not have low seniority. Quite suspicious. I immediately wrote to my union rep (a quick pat on the back to me for signing up for the union 4 years ago) and explained the situation. She wrote back, sending a copy of our district policy, and guess what, the lucky chosen are supposed to be chosen because of seniority. So, I have scheduled a meeting with the union president and my principal and am hoping that I win the battle. I do not want to have the stress of packing up my entire room once again and moving to a new campus, meeting new co-workers, and making connections with new parents and students. So many of the parents at school know who I am, as do the students. Fingers crossed that this works out the way that I would like and my administrators get some sort of consequence.

Ok, procrastination over, back to the paper...only two more weeks and I have officially earned my Masters!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

We need to update more often

It's been almost a month since we last posted, yikes.

Things have been going pretty well for us lately as far as Logan goes. We've gotten in to a rhythm with our night schedule and he's starting to sleep up to 4 or 5 hours at a time.

Easter came and went and we didn't do much except dress him up and "give" him his Easter basket. Rachel and I split the chocolate bunny which was just delicious.

Rachel got a girl's night out last night while Logan and I watched X-Files on Netflix. I'm starting my summer hockey season on the 21st in exchange for these girl's nights. I think these personal nights off will help each of us keep our sanity. Rachel's Master's program ends that night so the timing works out really well.