Sunday, August 14, 2011


After two and a half months of looking online EVERYDAY, applying to jobs (even those I didn't want) like crazy, and getting lucky enough to go to a few interviews...I was offered a position! I am once again a 2nd grade teacher. Andy and I basically watched the phone all day Thursday, being told I would hear back from the school I interviewed at, but there was no call. Then, early Friday morning it came and lots of screaming/jumping/phone call ensued. My mom was actually visiting and Andy was out of town, so it was nice to be able to celebrate with someone. I literally feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

So, the next week will be filled with daycare hunting for Logan, and hopefully some decorating in my classroom. I have one week left of vacation, and then I am a working girl. I'm just glad that I can now uncross my fingers...and toes.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Apparently when you are on a budget and you don't have lesson plans to make, you become bored. I'm simply not used to having so much time on the weekends and I've found myself slipping into boredom. It probably doesn't help that our plans were squashed this weekend because of the rain. I'm so used to not having enough time to get to things I like, that now, the thought of doing those things kind of bores me. I know, I don't make sense.

I've spent the entire weekend renting movies from redbox, searching for instant videos on Netflix, and watching tivo'd shows that I've recorded. Beverly Hills 90210 has been my favorite so far. I had an inkling of a thought to finish up some of my scrapbooks, but that seemed to take more energy than I was willing to give. Another thought came to clean the bathrooms. That didn't happen. So, I finally gave into my boredom and worked out. Yeah, I know, craziness. Hopefully this slump goes away soon.