Friday, June 10, 2011

We made it!

After many hours of packing, driving, and watching DVD's in the car, we finally made it to our new home...Grand Rapids, Michigan! We're loving the house, despite some of the minor flaws it has. We know it's not our forever home, but it's going to be perfect for the next few years that we live in it until we build or buy. Logan is loving all the space he has in the basement. He has an entire play room instead of the small area of that he had to play in the living room. This allows me to have a clean living room and him to go as crazy as he wants in his own space. The huge plus to the house is the amount of storage that is has. I have so much cupboard space that I can't fill it all in the kitchen. All of my school stuff fits in our storage room, with plenty of space left over. And, on top of all of that, we're pretty close to our families and have been able to spend time with both of them already.

Andy started his first week as a "working out of the home" dad. He has an office in the basement and closes the door when he's working so that Logan doesn't bother him. I started my first week as a stay at home mom. Right now I'm technically still getting paid to be on summer vacation from my old job, but the stress of not having a job for next year is really starting to get to me. I scan the district websites everyday to look for available jobs. I know that if I had to be a stay at home mom full time we could do it, but we wouldn't be able to save much for a new house and I know that I'd get bored of it. Being a SAHM just isn't for me and I know myself well enough to say that. I have so much money anxiety already and the school year hasn't even started. My fingers and toes are crossed that one of the applications I've turned in calls back. Until then, I'll try to enjoy my time with my very independent, very cute little man.