Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Drumroll please...

Andy and I are happy to announce that in February we'll be welcoming Logan Patrick McKenna into the world. I will admit, I was a bit bummed out that he's not a girl (still a little bummed), but as the days continue I'm getting more and more excited. It is very strange to think that my belly is getting bigger because I have a little BOY growing inside of me. He was being a bit stubborn (apparently he gets this from me) when we took the ultrasound and would not show the goods. Eventually we got a quick picture of the family jewels, but alas, no profile pic to go with it. Not sure, but this may be defined as baby porn.

Now that we're sure of the sex, the planning of the nursery begins...along with the stressing out about money. Secret: BABIES ARE EXPENSIVE! When you actually start adding up how much cribs cost, and bedding, plus the mattress, add in a stroller, car seat, and on and on and on... You get the picture. I almost passed out. Even so, I refuse to have my baby is foofy animal nursery with tons of pastel blue, I might throw up. It's just not my style. So, with that said, we bought this very modern, very un-foofy bedding set from Target.

We're thinking about painting the walls the light blue color on the bedding, with a chocolate brown stripe going around the top portion of the room. I'll try to bring pops of orange into the room with picture frames, rug, etc. We haven't actually seen the bedding in person yet, but it should be arriving this week. Hopefully I still like it. Then it's on to painting (with low VOC paint so that Logan and I are safe) during fall break. I've done multiple rooms at once, I think one room is doable. I still haven't felt a kick yet, although I'm definitely showing.

I can't wait to finally feel something though. Very exciting. On other news, tomorrow is my birthday! Presents are always accepted.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Rachel hosted a candle party last night and I was intending on helping her do some last minute cleaning before retreating to the office to spend the night coding and watching Aliens. I let the dogs out when I got home from work like always but this time there was a problem. Lucy was squatting for too long and there was blood coming out. She would walk a few feet away and then squat again and only blood this time.

I was thinking about it and noticed that she had been doing the same thing a few days ago. We went to the vet and $375 later, she is on antibiotics and wearing a diaper. They sent some tests off to the lab but it's most likely a bladder infection. She couldn't hold it in last night but ever since we put the diaper on she has been fine.

I think the medicine is doping her somewhat because she has taken two pills so far and just seems to want to lay around all day now.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Damn kids

We have been in school for exactly 29 days...and I'm sick. The worst part is that I can't take the good meds, such as Nyquil that puts you into a deep deep sleep. I apparently am dumb and did not know that there is alcohol in these wonderful medications and so I taking Tylenol cold and flu...which doesn't work. Blah. I'm just hoping that baby Mc understands how much I love him/her because I really want to take nyquil, just to be comfortable for even an hour.

Speaking of sleep...I have been having baby dreams. In all of my dreams, the little one is a boy. I'm thinking that I am magically a psychic and am dreaming about my unborn son. Andy agrees, since he thinks we share a brain now and our son is streaming his own thoughts into my head. I always thought mothers could read the minds of their children. I've been losing weight the last week. I think this is because of my illness though, hopefully. I still feel as though I'm not really showing and am hoping that changes soon. I just feel fat. Listen to how I'm complaining about losing weight. Definitely not normal. I'm hoping that I'll be able to post about a little kick in the tummy soon!