Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm back!

I think I became very used to having a student teacher and completely forgot how much work I normally have after school. Since she's gone, I'm back to teaching full time, which means I'm exhausted and blogging takes a backseat to how tired I am. So, we'll do a quick update...

The short sale on the house is still not finished. They need to rename the thing to freaking long sale. We'll most likely leave Arizona without finishing the sale, but we thought that would happen when we started this whole thing.

Andy has interviews this coming week in Michigan. I'm crossing my fingers for the job in Lansing so I can be close to my family, although I wish we could be close to his too. We found a house we are in LOVE with and want to rent, we're just hoping it's still available when he goes next Wednesday to look at it. Oh, and we need him to get a job offer too. That's pretty important.

Oh, yeah, and I still have no offers. Blah.

We are officially packing up and saying adios to Arizona on May 29th. Just in case you didn't know, that's 5 weeks away. And we have three boxes packed (and they're only diaper boxes). Bring on the stress.

I have stitches in my foot from the removal of a gross nasty growth, aka a cyst, that found a home on the top of my foot. Since living in AZ I am ashamed of how my sandal/flat wearing has had an effect on my delicate tootsies, and I refused to have a cyst to top it off. So it's gone, hence the stitches.

Last but not least...Logan has to have tubes in his ears. We were thinking this was going to happen with all of the ear infections he has had, and we're actually relieved. We were getting tired of the fevers and I'm sure Logan was tired of being miserable. The surgery is set for May 2nd and then his ears will be fixed. I'm anxious to see if this will improve his speech.

I think that's all of the on going drama in the McKenna household. Let's hope I can get a few minutes this week to post any new news.