Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A bit of a scare

The last few days have been a bit of a scare for Andy and I. On Sunday night I found that I had been bleeding a little bit and immediately started crying. To me, bleeding equals miscarriage. I haven't had any cramps at all, but any blood to me is not a good sign. Since it was a weekend, I called a triage nurse on call and spoke to her about my fears. She was very good at calming me down. I wish I could remember her name so that I could call my the Dr. office and leave a nice message for her. Anyways, she told me that it was normal, I should watch the bleeding and if it continued to make an appointment with my Dr. It ended up stopping that night and I felt much better. Baby Mc was still making me extremely tired and the sore tata's continue. Tonight I wiped again and found some more spotting. Again, there is a little cramping, not too much, and it's just light pink, which, from what I've seen online, is normal. Even so, I think I'm going to try to schedule another appointment tomorrow. I would rather hear from a Dr. that I'm crazy then have to wait until Monday at my ultrasound and get yelled at for not calling. So, lets cross our fingers that everything is alright. Andy keeps telling me to think positively, everything will be fine.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

This baby already runs the house

When we got the house, Rachel and I shared the little 4th bedroom as our office. She eventually got tired of my blazing typing speed because it bothered her during her paper writing. I figured if I moved into the empty bedroom that was going to be for a future baby, I could spread out a bit, watch tv more often, and play my classy music and video games.

I knew that whenever we spawned, I would have to give the room up and figure where else to go. Well today, we broke down my computer and moved me back into the small room with the Incubator herself. She came up with a great way to arrange our desks and now we are facing each other and I'm right under the AC register. I also have my back to a window so that I can look at the forest of weeds growing across the street.

My desk was a little too big for this configuration so it's going in the garage as a workbench. I need to clean out the garage and throw some junk away before that can happen. It's too bad because I enjoy putting that chore off every weekend.

The best thing about this move is cutting out the yelling across the house. We can both sit on our computers and carry on a normal conversation, which is nice.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

And so it starts....

I have purchased the first piece of baby apparel for baby Mc. I couldn't help myself from driving down to Kids R Us and perusing the merchandise. It's pretty crappy that I can't pick out boys or girls clothes, I will most likely be whining about this until we find out the gender of our little one. Even so, I happened to find this cute little onesie...ON SALE I might add. I made sure to check out all the bedding and find that I tend to like girl's bedding, which in my mind means we're having a girl. Andy says this isn't enough proof for him. Blah. After my shopping excursion I managed to come home and take another nap, yet again. The joys of the first trimester. I do love to sleep though, I better take advantage of it while I can!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A good thing for once

Expected Due Date...

Is February 21, 2010. Looks like the little one is going to pop out sooner than expected. I had the first Dr. appointment today, but it wasn't as exciting as I would have liked. They took about 5 vials of blood out of me, which made me a bit woosey since it was only 8:30 and I had had a breakfast bar to eat and nothing else. My obgyn came in and started laughing at me because I had just seen her about a month and a half ago and we had talked about Andy and I having kids. She said that we must be the most fertile couple in the world. I made sure to ask her my list of questions I had.

#1: Can I exercise and if so, how much: She said yes I can, but no lower body weights. I've been okayed for the eiptical.

#2: Can I fly home for Christmas: She has given me the ok for flying, although I really think it would be getting close to my 35 wk cutoff (I'll be about 31 or 32 wks along). We'll see. I almost want to drive home since we want to have the baby shower and will have to return all the gifts if we fly. Decisions decisions.

#3: In case of morning sickness during my flight home this July, what types of things can I take: She gave me a long list of meds, which kind of surprised me. Lets just hope I don't get any morning sickness.

I came home from the appointment and promptly went back to sleep, as I was up all night tossing and turning thinking that they were going to tell me I'm stupid and can't read a pregnancy test. After my mid afternoon nap I trolled around on the internet and made a wonderful meal for my husband, Chicken Picatta. Hopefully I can be a bit less lazy tomorrow :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

My bro is 17?

Happy birthday to Dylan! In my mind my little brother is still 5 years old and playing with power rangers. It's crazy to think that he's 17 and almost an adult. Even so, I bet he would still go to Chuck E Cheese and play video games with me.

Andy and I were watching TLC late last night and a pregnancy special happened to be on. Before the show cut to commercial, a quiz question popped up on the screen. "True or False: A woman is more likely to conceive twins within the first month of coming off of the pill?" The answer: TRUE! I think Andy had a melt down. He's now freaking out that we have twin baby mc's in my belly and we don't have enough money for them. Haha! Although we'd love to have two little ones, how about just one at a time? I'm becoming impatient waiting for the first Dr. appointment. Wednesday can't get here soon enough. I keep having nightmares that the Dr. is going to tell me that we're actually not preggo. If I'm not, I have to figure out what's making me SO incredibly tired everday. It's 7:30 and I'm ready to hit the hay.

Is it too early to already have names picked out?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

First official entry...First official Pregnancy!

Andy and I have decided to dabble in the world of the blog. Since so many of our friends and family live across the country, and we know that they want to hear about every minute of this pregnancy, we thought that a blog would be the best way to share the news. I suppose the best way to start is to share the story of our pregnancy, so here goes...

Andy and I had talked about trying to conceive during my school year, but with my Master's degree still going in full force, I was a bit apprehensive to give up the birth control and start letting nature take its course. We finally agreed that since I had been on birth control for awhile, it would probably take awhile for my body to adjust and to get rid of the ucky hormones related to the pill. Boy were we in for a surprise. After a tip from a teacher in my school, I ended up buying the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility in hopes to helping us figure out when I was ovulating and timing the pregnancy. Our plans were to get preggers in July, tell our family when we came home, and pop a baby out right before the end of the school year so that I would have 5 glorious month with baby Mc instead of having to break up my time in chunks.

About a week before my period was due, I began to notice that my breasts were very tender, something I have never experienced. My mom thought that it was because my body was getting ready for Aunt Flo, but without the help of birth control. I kept making jokes that I was pregnant, hoping, but not really thinking I was. When I missed my period on July 17th, I went to the store on a whim and bought a pregnancy test, along with some prenatal pills. I have been doing my research on vitamins I should be taking. I came home, did the peeing on the stick thing, and figure I just wasted a good preg. test. My mom actually called right after I took it and I was joking around, telling her that I took a test, but it was most likely not positive. I took a glance at the test and screamed! Instead of the two minus signs, there was a plus and a minus. I kept telling my mom that I thought I was pregnant and I think she was confused, so I had to explain exactly what I saw on the test. So much for keeping it a secret until we went home in July. I realized that it may in fact be a false positive, so I told my mom I would call her back once I downed some more water and had to once again use the facilities. An hour later, and the 2nd test down...another positive! After calling my mom back, I called my grandmother, who in turn told my aunt and cousin. Please remember, I have not yet told Andy, the father of our little poppyseed.

I waited two hours for Andy to get out of work and return home. The tests were waiting on his computer and his first reaction was "So, how did you fake this?" Afterwards there was hugging, kissing, some tears on my parts, realization that all of our saved money would be gone, and then pure happiness. I did take another test, just in case the first two were wrong, and it again showed a positive. I guess I should have noticed how tired I've been (I just thought I was being lazy), and of course there was my EXTREMELY sore chest. The first doctors appointment is Wednesday and hopefully all will go well!