Sunday, January 31, 2010

Two Words...

Full Term! We have reached 37 weeks. This means that I can officially have this baby...but we'll pretend we can't and we'll wait for another 3 weeks just so that I can have everything ready for my sub. I'm actually finding that a lot of my stress is dwindling, although I would have thought I'd be really stressed right now. I just found out that I do indeed have a substitute teacher for work, so my kids will not be sitting in class going crazy. Well, they may be doing that, but they will have someone observing them doing this. I am also ahead of myself in lesson planning, although not quite to the point having all the plans needed for the sub. Right now I'm working on lesson plans for Feb. 15-19, which is my last week of work. LAST WEEK OF WORK! Ahh, the joy of having 8 weeks off from my job. I'm looking very forward to this. Those kids stress me out. I think my own kid will be a welcome relief from constant ADHD drama and queen bee dramatic girls.

It's amazing to think that in one month my mom, grandma, and brother are coming...and there will be a baby in the house. My baby. So for now, I patiently clean every inch of the house (yes, the cleaning phase of nesting has started), organize until Andy goes crazy, and wait for the little guy to give me the most excruciating pain I have ever felt in my life. Let's hope it's worth it :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

The finish line is in sight!

All three baby showers are officially completed. The stroller is put together, the pack and play is put together, the car seat is ready to be put in the car (first we need to figure out how to put it in there), closet is organized by size of clothes, dresser is organized by types of clothes AND all we need is a baby. I guess that's the important part to all of this. The more we get done the more I realize how close we are to pushing this little guy out.

There are a still a few odds and ends that need to be added to the nursery. I keep feeling as though I don't have everything I need. I think this also stems from me being a teacher and always feeling as though there is more to do even though I should probably just sit back and relax for awhile. I'm currently trying to bust butt getting my lesson plans ready for the non-existent substitute that is coming into my classroom. Yes, that is correct. I currently have no sub, although I have asked multiple times what I can do to help get one. I don't think anyone else at school, (i.e., the administrators) realize that there are only 5 WEEKS LEFT! We could even get more specific and say that there are 34 days left. Perhaps this will light some fire under their your know what's. Can you tell that I'm a bit more stressed about my job then the actual birth of the baby? For now, I keep trudging along, getting my lessons done. I'm done with this week's and the next week and I'm starting to work on the beginning of February. This is more ahead of schedule than I have been my entire life. Procrastination is more my trend, but it's not fitting into this equation.

I'll post the AZ baby shower pics as soon as Andy gets off his butt and puts them into the computer :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Andy and I are not the best when it comes to blogging. Procrastination is my friend. With that said, we have a lot to update. Where to begin....

Christmas came and Christmas went. With that came the baby shower, a trip to Indiana, and a trip to Michigan. The baby shower was a success. Becky is the best mother in law anyone could ask for. She went all out, makingsure that the baby shower was full of fun and games. The decorations were adorable...

I do love a cute diaper cake. The games were hilarious. My favorite was when Andy had to change a diaper blind-folded.

And we of course appreciated all of the wonderful gifts that everyone brought. Shipping them home only reminds us of how much we want to be back in the midwest. Almost all of the gifts are now safely packed away in Logan's room waiting for his arrival.

While we were back home, Andy made sure that he had his fun in the snow. He wanted to badly to play with Jessie outside, but then he realized how cold it was and quickly came back in.

It may be crazy for me to say it, but I miss the snow SO much. I wish that I had been able to go sledding or ice skating on real ice, but unfortunately this big belly of mine needs to stay safe for a few more weeks, snow fun wasn't really in the works for me this year. Next year however, there will be sleds and snowmen, and snowball fights.

The second week of the trip took place in Michigan. We met up with family, checked out the new baby Zane, who I held and did not drop thank you, and exchanged some more presents. I was also surprised by my wonderful friends back home with yet ANOTHER baby shower. Friends I haven't seen in years showed up and it was so much fun catching up with them. It's crazy to hear about what everyone is up to...there's been marriages, moving to new states, and new expecting mommies! I wish that I could have spent a weekend with all of the girls just talking about life and reminiscing on past times together. After a long, but enjoyable two weeks, Andy and I headed back to the warmth of Arizona. We missed the puppies dearly and were very happy to be home (secretly my grandma's guest bed is not the most comfortable).

Since being home life has started again. We're realizing that there are only 6 more weeks left of this pregnancy. And that's only if Logan chooses not to piss me off and come early. We went to our birthing class yesterday and I think that's when it finally hit me that a child is coming out of me. And it's going to hurt. A lot. I guess when you see the birthing rooms you realize they're there for a reason. I'll be sitting in one, screaming my lungs out. We'll see if I decide to have another one after this experience. I also realized how lucky I am to be in a happy marriage and completely prepared financially for all of this. There were a few girls in the birthing class that were extremely young and talking about how the father's left them after they found out they were pregnant. I can't imagine going through all of this without Andy's support.

A few pregnancy tidbits to share of what I'm going through currently:
*It seems Logan has turned and is head down, making sure to push down on my bladder as often as he likes and kick me in the stomach during all hours of the night.
*I am swelling like crazy, but don't realize it until my feet feel funny when I walk. It's strange to all of a sudden look down and realize your foot looks like a balloon.
*I can no longer tie my shoes. Putting on socks is a bit of a chore.
*Although I haven't had to buy many maternity shirts, I'm realizing that my belly is getting HUGE and I might just have to splurge
*Only two new stretch marks. This makes me happy.
*Only up 20 pounds. Another score for Rachel!

To finish up this post...Andy and I found out that the stroller/car seat and pack and play that we want it being discontinued. I frantically looked to see if Babies r us still had some, which a few did. We quickly went and snatched them up and plan to go back to get 20% off both, which Jose (or Joe, not sure which name is correct) told me he would do if I came back Friday, meaning I will save $70! We are officially out of gift cards to Babies r us and only had to pay $36 out of our own pockets for both things!