Thursday, August 23, 2012

I need a drink

The stress is starting to hit me.  I'm always fine for the first part of my professional development week, and then it all of a sudden hits me.  Today was my day for the hitting.

We were finally allowed into our classrooms today and I just sat there for a moment not knowing what to do.  I'm completely re-organizing my room this year, there are more kids, and I get a roommate.  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm fine with all of those things.  I'm just a little unsure of where to start.

The to-do lists have definitely started, shopping for the room is happening everyday, figuring out storage is keeping me up at night, and craftiness is all up in this business.  On the bright side, lessons plans are pretty much DONE.  One less thing to worry about I suppose.

Here's to a weekend full of organization and wine...lots of wine.

Monday, August 20, 2012

The dreaded day is here

Summer is officially over.  Today was my first day back to school, thankfully no kids yet.  I still need to ease into that.  It was also Logan's first day back to daycare.  Andy and I were a little worried that he would be upset about going back, but the report I got this morning was as follows: "He saw the school, ran inside, I had just enough time to take his jacket off and he took off for the toys."  He may have gotten a "Bye Daddy" somewhere in there, but I'm not sure.  The teachers were excited to see him, he was excited to see his friends, unfortunately, I'm not excited to start paying them again, but that's life.  I'm crossing my fingers that they will perform magic and get him potty trained.  Like, a lot of magic.

To end our crazy, eventful, sometimes unhappy summer, we celebrated by watching one of my very best friends get married.   I absolutely adore my friend Lauren.  We met in college while aimlessly gossiping about a horribly drunk girl dancing at a party and have been friends ever since.  She is the most blatantly honest person I know, hilarious story teller, and someone I will always go to with a problem or just to vent.  Her father was actually our officiant when Andy and I got married, so it was nice to see him, introduce him to our son, and watch him declare Lauren and Matt husband and wife.  Here's a big face picture from our fun night, along with my two little hotties I had as dates:

Happy end of summer :(

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ch ch ch changes

January is coming early in the McKenna household.  Not because it has spontaneously snowed outside, but because I am putting my foot down, making a resolution, and freaking sticking to it.  There have been some big changes and there are going to be more darn it! 

Most of our close friends know this, and I'm ok with sharing it on the blog.  Andy and I found out I was pregnant on June 8th.  We had only been trying for 3 months and were ecstatic that it happened so quickly again.  We told some close friends, and were pretty much biting our nails to make it facebook official after my appointment on July 23.  I came home from the appointment shaking my head "no" and crying on Andy's shoulder telling him that I had miscarried.  I had a feeling for awhile.  There had been some bleeding, but the nurses had said it was probably old blood and was normal, but I knew something wasn't right.  So, we shed our tears, and then I realized that I better get my butt in gear and start working out because I simply couldn't fit into my pants without using a bella band or a hair tie around the button.

I know that many people are upset for weeks, months, or maybe longer because of a miscarriage.  For some reason (and you may think I am a horrible person because of it), I had my initial cry and then I was ok.  I never heard a heartbeat.  There was no baby in my stomach to see on the ultrasound.  I think it made it easier for me.  And I've been using working out as a positive way to deal with the stress or sadness I have been feeling.  I immediately got on the elliptical that night and started the couch to 5 k program.  I also joined a weight loss support group and started counting calories. 

I have set a goal that I WILL run a 5 k.  It might not be this year, since we do want to get pregnant again, and I don't know if I would be able to run that far while having a baby in my belly, but it will happen.  It's amazing how something can happen and it forces you to make a huge change in your life.  I think this was what forced my change.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

T minus 24 days

No, I am not counting down the days until school ends (that would be 21 days, just in case you were wondering).  I am counting down the days until I am back in the insanely hot weather of Arizona to visit my much missed friends.  I am beyond excited.  I don't think they realize how excited I am really.  I think I may have been counting this down since the first day we moved back here. 

Please, don't misunderstand this excitement.  I am NOT excited to actually be in Arizona.  Just to see my friends.  Completely different things.  But, I can't think of a better way to start off my vacay.  Hopefully I won't cry when I leave!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy last day of school to my AZ pals.  I only have 4 more weeks....blah.  I suppose the bright side is that we're down to one month. The countdown begins.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm back...hopefully

You know, this blogging this is harder than  I thought.  I think I need a weekly reminder to get online and a write a little.  Maybe I'll put it on my google calendar.  Basically, life is busy, blogging takes a backseat.  So, here's a bit of an update:

  • I have a little over 5 weeks of school left.  This is killing me, since I know my AZ peeps only have, lets!  I can do this though.
  • I think we have passed through phase one of the terrible two's.  I know there will be more, but that first phase was a killer.  There was screaming, fit throwing, laying on the ground kicking, the whole nine yards. Every. Day.  It's gotten better, let's hope it stays that way.
  • The weather is getting sooooo nice and that means our trips to the park and playing outside is happening more and more.  LOVE!
  • Logan is the smartest little guy.  We feel so lucky to have his daycare teachers telling us that he is excelling over the others in class and has shown so much growth in their room.  He can count to ten, count in Spanish, next we'll move to Chinese ::joking::
  • We resigned our lease in our house.  Hard to believe we've been back in the mitten for almost a year.  And we've loved every minute of it.
  • AZ trip is coming up...I'm so excited!!!!  I'm missing my AZ girls a ton and can't wait to catch up with them and their little ones.
Until the next time I remember to update...

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I will gladly kiss the feet of whoever invented snow days. Now, I love children, I love my job, teaching is my passion...however, there are a few perks to the profession that I'm guilty for also loving: summers off and SNOW DAYS!

Friday was the first snow day of my teaching career. While teaching in Arizona I would painfully watch the updates of my teacher friends back in Michigan as they joyfully bragged about their snow days. Days when you wake up, rubbing your sleepy eyes, thinking about the tasks of the day...only to be surprised with the news that you have a day off. Without having to get sub plans around. This is the kicker my friends. Thursday night I went to sleep with my fingers and toes crossed, hoping that perhaps I would be lucky enough to get a snow day. However, looking at the little wisps of snow falling outside my window, I knew I was truly dreaming.

Friday morning I awoke extra early, just in case of snowy roads. I jumped ::dragged my butt:: into the shower, warmed my cold cold bones, and proceeded to get ready for the day. The entire time I was complaining. You see, Kalamazoo had school off, and in my mind this was not fair. I deserved a snow day. I needed a break, my week was stressful, I don't even get MLK day off! Andy sat in the shower laughing at me as I dried my hair, straightened it, and began walking off to wake up the monster we call Logan. All of sudden I heard the sweet ringing of a telephone. Who could be calling before 6 in the morning? Why my school of course, letting me know that I was a blessed teacher that would be partaking in a wonderful Friday snow day (the best kind there is by the way). Like a little kid, I began jumping up and down screaming, dancing, acting a fool. Yes friends, I Rachel McKenna, an adult, was probably more excited that the kids in my class for this snow day.

The following occurred on this magical day: I cleaned NOTHING, Logan and I went sledding, we fell in the snow, we made snow angels. The movies Cars, Cars 2, The Little Mermaid, Toy Story 1 and 2 were watched throughout the day. There was also some hide and seek played, tickle wars, and dinosaur sandwiches made. It was a perfectly magnificent snow day.

Now, let's cross our fingers and toes and hope this happens again this week..and perhaps the next also.