Monday, August 20, 2012

The dreaded day is here

Summer is officially over.  Today was my first day back to school, thankfully no kids yet.  I still need to ease into that.  It was also Logan's first day back to daycare.  Andy and I were a little worried that he would be upset about going back, but the report I got this morning was as follows: "He saw the school, ran inside, I had just enough time to take his jacket off and he took off for the toys."  He may have gotten a "Bye Daddy" somewhere in there, but I'm not sure.  The teachers were excited to see him, he was excited to see his friends, unfortunately, I'm not excited to start paying them again, but that's life.  I'm crossing my fingers that they will perform magic and get him potty trained.  Like, a lot of magic.

To end our crazy, eventful, sometimes unhappy summer, we celebrated by watching one of my very best friends get married.   I absolutely adore my friend Lauren.  We met in college while aimlessly gossiping about a horribly drunk girl dancing at a party and have been friends ever since.  She is the most blatantly honest person I know, hilarious story teller, and someone I will always go to with a problem or just to vent.  Her father was actually our officiant when Andy and I got married, so it was nice to see him, introduce him to our son, and watch him declare Lauren and Matt husband and wife.  Here's a big face picture from our fun night, along with my two little hotties I had as dates:

Happy end of summer :(

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