Sunday, January 15, 2012


I will gladly kiss the feet of whoever invented snow days. Now, I love children, I love my job, teaching is my passion...however, there are a few perks to the profession that I'm guilty for also loving: summers off and SNOW DAYS!

Friday was the first snow day of my teaching career. While teaching in Arizona I would painfully watch the updates of my teacher friends back in Michigan as they joyfully bragged about their snow days. Days when you wake up, rubbing your sleepy eyes, thinking about the tasks of the day...only to be surprised with the news that you have a day off. Without having to get sub plans around. This is the kicker my friends. Thursday night I went to sleep with my fingers and toes crossed, hoping that perhaps I would be lucky enough to get a snow day. However, looking at the little wisps of snow falling outside my window, I knew I was truly dreaming.

Friday morning I awoke extra early, just in case of snowy roads. I jumped ::dragged my butt:: into the shower, warmed my cold cold bones, and proceeded to get ready for the day. The entire time I was complaining. You see, Kalamazoo had school off, and in my mind this was not fair. I deserved a snow day. I needed a break, my week was stressful, I don't even get MLK day off! Andy sat in the shower laughing at me as I dried my hair, straightened it, and began walking off to wake up the monster we call Logan. All of sudden I heard the sweet ringing of a telephone. Who could be calling before 6 in the morning? Why my school of course, letting me know that I was a blessed teacher that would be partaking in a wonderful Friday snow day (the best kind there is by the way). Like a little kid, I began jumping up and down screaming, dancing, acting a fool. Yes friends, I Rachel McKenna, an adult, was probably more excited that the kids in my class for this snow day.

The following occurred on this magical day: I cleaned NOTHING, Logan and I went sledding, we fell in the snow, we made snow angels. The movies Cars, Cars 2, The Little Mermaid, Toy Story 1 and 2 were watched throughout the day. There was also some hide and seek played, tickle wars, and dinosaur sandwiches made. It was a perfectly magnificent snow day.

Now, let's cross our fingers and toes and hope this happens again this week..and perhaps the next also.

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